Secure Communications


Concourse resides inside the corporate firewall. Collaboration is 256-bit encrypted and users are authenticated via LDAP/Active Directory, enabling enterprise Single Sign-on. Software-as-a-Service options are also available.


Attribute-Based, Rich Presence


With Concourse messages can be routed based on user attributes, or skills, like “Android specialist” or “billing.” Instead of wasting time searching for a specific person, Concourse routes you to the proper expert and the next specialist in queue with the appropriate attribute takes the message. The innovation is vendor-agnostic and does not require you to standardize on a single vendor solution or upgrade platforms.


Group Messaging and Collaboration


In Groups mode, Concourse enables a group or pod of users to view and respond to all messages submitted by other participants in the group, as well as the corresponding coach/SME responses, thus serving a dual role as both a support and training tool.


Highly Configurable System


Features in Concourse can be toggled on/off or restricted based on user attributes, roles, and status making it convenient for administrators to manage and gain meaningful insight through next generation logging and reporting.

Size Matters

Minimal Footprint


Size matters when you’re working on other things, so Concourse provides a meaningful user experience that enhances business process and the desktop without interfering with other business applications already on the desktop. The user interface can be tucked away at the top or expanded to full screen, always at the ready.


Alerts and Notifications


Authorized users and Systems can broadcast, alert, or notify necessary and urgent communiques such as regional system outages, special offers and agent compliance to a targeted group of recipients, automatically and in real-time.


Rewards and Scoreboard


Rewards and other incentive systems are also enabled through Concourse. Agents have easy access to their performance with real-time feedback.


Pod-Based Training


Reduce on-going training efforts, room and shift scheduling hassles, and off-phone time with Concourse and push training right to the desktop.Trainers and business leaders can meet the dynamic demands of a corporate environment through independent agent learning with direct agent feedback and real- time agent results.