Provide a better customer experience at a much lower cost

1Lower Average Handle Time to Resolution

Concourse can eliminate significant time from this key metric. These saved seconds and minutes add up to eliminate substantial costs.

Without Concourse

100,000 x 420 second AHT  = 42 million seconds

42 million seconds / 60 sec/min = 700,000 minutes

700,000 minutes x $0.75 per minute bill rate  = $525,000

With Concourse

100,000 x 385 second AHT = 38.5 million seconds

38.5 million seconds / 60 sec/min = 641,666 minutes

641,666 minutes x $0.75 per minute bill rate = $481,250

$525,000 – $481,250 = $43,750 Savings

2Higher First Call Resolution

Concourse eliminates additional calls that cost money. Escalated second and third calls from a customer on the same issue typically cost more per call.

Without Concourse

100,000 calls

With Concourse

95,000 calls

5,000 calls eliminated x $4.81 per call = $24,062.50 Savings

3Higher Customer Satisfaction

Decreased time on the phone and faster resolution of customer complaints will lead to higher customer satisfaction and higher net promoter scores. Of course, this will lead to increased customer loyalty, and ultimately to a higher lifetime value of the customer. Incredible ROI value.

4Improved Employee Morale and Retention

Agents will be able to do their jobs more efficiently and help customers with a higher degree of success.

5Cost is Negligible Compared to Benefits

Studies have been done to show that the ROI on pure dollars out versus dollars in is at least 10 to 1 and many times it is significantly more.  Beside the pure cost savings, how do you measure the value of a happy customer? Using the figures above for “lower average handle time” ($43,750 savings) and “higher first call resolution” ($24,062 savings), 100,000 calls equates to roughly 105 FTE’s servicing these calls at a 72% occupancy. With a seat utilization of 1.3 FTE’s per seat this would equate to 105 FTE’s/1.3 FTE’s per workstation = 80 Concourse Licenses. At $50 per month per license, this would cost roughly $4000.

$43,750 + $24,062 = $67,812 vs. $4,000 (cost of licenses) = 17 to 1 ROI