The Concourse Solution

Concourse is a Call Center Productivity solution. At the heart of the system lies an enterprise collaboration application specifically designed to serve the support needs of call centers by enhancing critical operational interactions across multiple locations, channels, and geographies, helping call centers, service organizations, and support centers around the world successfully deliver and achieve their goals. The potential for this product extends to any situation in which people need to communicate quickly, efficiently and securely, such as in Technical and Retail support operations.

Hands Up! The Typical Call Center

home_raisehandsIn today’s call centers, support is typically restricted by line-of-sight: agents literally must raise their hand to gain the attention of a supervisor, who then walks to the agent’s desk in order to provide assistance, during which time the caller is placed on hold or engaged in idle chit-chat about the weather or local sports. Concourse eliminates this restriction by enabling agents to send an instant message to their supervisor or subject matter expert (SME), who may be local or remotely located.

Collaboration = Instant Results

A survey conducted by Traders Magazine reported that collaboration was the second most popular form of client communication by Wall Street investment professionals (44% compared to 92% for phone) and more popular than email. The same survey found that 80%+ of the content of IM messages was “business related” and 77% of those surveyed indicated that collaboration was “critical or important” to their business.

One of the barriers is the insecure nature of the public networks AOL, MSN and Yahoo! … I think that companies need to figure out how best to use collaboration solutions and increase the usefulness of it.

David SmithanalystGartner

Flexible, Powerful, Intuitive and Fun

Concourse’s features are highly configurable, providing the flexibility to accommodate a diverse range of business needs, support structures and org charts. Most features can be turned on/off or restricted based on business rules.  With Concourse, employees and managers can send and receive text chat messages, training videos, hyperlinks to reference materials, urgent broadcasts, and more, in a unique and intuitive graphical environment. Concourse boosts productivity and morale by getting agents the answers they need sooner, without the stress that results from keeping anxious callers on hold.

With its unique “marble and drawer” user interface, Concourse simplifies the complexity of communication and reporting within an enterprise environment. The Concourse UI can be easily customized by adding productivity widgets tied to your back-end systems and data. Think of widgets as your agent’s utility belt: panels containing the essential information and workflows your agents need at-hand to get the job done efficiently.

Concourse at-a-Glance


Concourse enables you to broadcast alert messages such as regional system outages, special offers, and other urgent communiqués to a targeted group of recipients. Set the message to open automatically on delivery. Turn on the Marble Pulse setting to send a blatant urgent message reminder to the recipient. Be creative. The next time you want to recognize the achievements of an individual or group, broadcast the team a congratulatory message.

Skills-Based Routing

Concourse enables messages to be routed based on user attributes. For example, if an agent needs information in order to answer a caller’s billing-related question, she can route the message to the Billing group, where it is distributed to the next available subject-matter expert. If no expert is available, the user can re-direct their question to another resource. Specialty groups are customer-configurable, as are most Concourse features.

Resource Flexibility

Concourse enables staff experts to be centrally located, co-located within a call center, or exist as a virtual support team working from the convenience of their home, thus providing the flexibility to work around such vexing business challenges as specialty skill shortages in a particular region or a shortage of office space. Concourse also enables the creation of specialty “resource pools,” such as Customer-Save, Activations, Billing, Support, thereby increasing your ability to scale to meet shifting business needs. The next time your company introduces a new product or feature, just define a specialty support group and instruct agents to send their questions to that group. It’s really that simple.

Performance Feedback

Imagine that you are a supervisor monitoring customer calls. You observe an agent who has done an exemplary job assisting the customer.  Why not send them an immediate “Reward” marble with a brief note to recognize a job well done? Or, if you observed an interaction that needs improvement, send the agent a “Demerit” citing the necessary corrections. Specific, immediate feedback. You can even assign +/- point values to the messages. Agents can track their Incentive Balance on Concourse’s scoreboard, and trade-in their chips for incentive awards. Be creative.


When agents are in queue and waiting on calls to come in, Concourse allows your training department to push videos, training content or tests out to the agents. These can also be targeted to the agents based upon their attributes and skill sets.

Secure Communication

Unlike public IM applications such as MSN Messenger® and Yahoo! Instant Messenger®, Concourse resides inside the corporate firewall. Messages are encrypted. Users are authenticated via LDAP/Active Directory, enabling enterprise single sign-on. Concourse is PCI Compliant.

Highly Configurable

Most Concourse features can be toggled on/off or restricted based on user attributes or Idle/Busy status. Concerned about users wasting time with personal chat?  No problem: just turn the feature off.  Or, better yet, restrict it to times when the chatters’ work status is Idle, thereby improving their quality-of-life while preserving productivity.  Concourse can conform to any organization or support structure.

Engaging User-Interface

Who says business applications need to be boring? Concourse’s Adobe AIR architecture enables rich, animated user interactions. The next time you need to send someone a message, shoot them a marble instead.

Remote Desktop

In most call centers today, agents raise their hand to flag the attention of a supervisor; the supervisor walks to the agent’s desk and looks over their shoulder to view what’s on the screen, and confers about the agent’s question. Concourse enables remote support personnel to view the agent’s desktop , and even take control in order to complete a transaction, while the agent observes. Problem resolution is fast, efficient and instructive.

Flexible Docking

Concourse’s ability to dock anywhere on the perimeter of the user’s screen means it can “play well with others.”

Minimal Footprint

Concourse’s main toolbar occupies about one-half the size of the Internet Explorer top border plus address bar.

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