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A Better Way to Communicate

home_womanConcourse is an enterprise-level, secure, communication and collaboration solution. At the heart of the system lies an application specifically designed to serve the support needs of call centers by enhancing critical operational interactions across multiple locations, channels and geographies. This helps call centers, service organizations and support centers around the world successfully deliver and achieve their goals. The potential for this product extends to any situation in which people need to communicate quickly, efficiently and securely, such as in Technical and Retail support operations.

The Message Is Getting Out


Concourse has received numerous industry awards for excellence and product innovation, including top honor at the 2010 Hot Companies and Technologies Awards, the 2009 Red Herring Award, and the Communications Solutions Product of the Year. It’s a tried and true communications solution and people have taken notice.



Attribute-Based Routing

Concourse enables messages to be routed based on user attributes or skills. For example, if a customer service agent needs information to answer a caller’s billing-related question, she simply routes the message to the next available “billing” expert. This is a very powerful feature: instead of contacting, and waiting for, a specific individual, Concourse quickly routes to the next subject matter expert in the queue. Specialty groups are customer-configurable, as are most Concourse features.

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Secure Communications

Concourse resides inside the corporate firewall. Users are authenticated via LDAP/Active Directory, enabling enterprise single sign-on. Concourse is PCI Compliant.

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Time Is Money

Concourse provides a better customer experience for Call Centers at a much lower cost through lower average handle time to resolution, eliminating significant time from this key metric. These saved seconds and minutes add up to substantial cost savings. A leading BPO found that using applications like Concourse produces savings through decreased resources, decreased call answer speeds and increased resolutions.

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The Marble Is the Message

With its unique “marble and drawer” user interface, Concourse simplifies communication and reporting within an enterprise environment. The Concourse UI can be easily customized by adding productivity widgets tied to your back-end systems and data. Think of widgets as your agent’s utility belt: panels containing the essential information and workflows your agents need at-hand to get the job done efficiently.

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adaptiveengineering_logoWe Are Adaptive

Adaptive Engineering, the company behind Concourse, has been making things easier for Fortune 500 companies and mid-sized businesses alike with their innovative approach to software design and integration. We consider the whole user experience and develop creative, efficient and effective approaches that make sense. Our clients are comfortable with video games and responsive web sites. In the office, shouldn’t they expect more of the same?

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